Founded in 1830

Photography has been sourced from the Royal Geographical Society who financed, planned and managed the British expeditions in a joint comitee with the Alpine Club.

Images in the Mallory section are all from the 1921 expedition, recently digitised from glass plate and celluloid negatives by Salto Ulbeek. Taken by Mallory, Howard-Bury, Wollaston and Wheeler.

  • Right: Alfred Gregory, photographer of the 1953 expedition

  • Above: Alfred Gregory, 1953 RGS photographer

A passion project

This site is a passion project designed by Max Niblock and developed by Stefan Vitasovic. It aims to commemorate a Century of expeditions to Everest, and is dedicated to the human drive for exploration and adventure.

Copy has been sourced and partially rewritten from wikipedia articles and the Everest60 site, now offline.

  • Right: 1953 expedition, Summit support team

  • Above: 1953 expedition, Summit support team